Saturday 19 May 2018

More Buildings for Sale...

Here is the results of this weeks terrain making sessions. Following the feed back from the last post I thought I would try making a jungle ruin for Ghost Archipelago. Thanks for the suggestions JP. It was an interesting build as I made bricks and built it one at a time using a glue gun. I think it has a nice ramshackle look. The building is only small but I thought I would use it to test the market. 

Next up are three modern Afghan adobe buildings, They will also be useful for a whole range of periods and locations. The Spanish building I made last week has picked up a lot of watchers, so I thought I would test the waters with these three, they were quick and fun to build and if they sell well I will certainty make some more. 

And finally here are two post apocalyptic scifi buildings made for 40K or Necromunda, bu usable for all sorts of settings.  

Again here is a LINK to the ebay sale. 

Post bellow if you have any other ideas on what will sell well...

Sunday 13 May 2018

A New Direction for My Hobby

I have decided that, as I don't get so much time for gaming, and buying figures is expensive, I am going to concentrate on making terrain and buildings. This is a part of the hobby I really enjoy, and once you have bought all the bits it works out much less expensive that painting figures. As I don't game that much I don't need masses of terrain, so I will be selling most of it directly on ebay. I think that I am half descent at making terrain an buildings, and I am hoping that this will make my hobby 'cost neutral' at the very least (Although I doubt I will be able to give up the day job). 
If I get around to it I might even post some tutorials on youtube, but that is something for the future. 

Here are some photos of the terrain I have made for sale this week. I have made some Mordeim terrain (I know the game is out of fashion but I am hoping someone might want it). I also made some 28mm Spanish buildings and a 15mm adobe building. 

If you want to have a look at how the sale is going (or even bid on them) here is a link... EBAY

I am also open to ideas and suggestions. If you have any ideas of what sort of buildings you would like to see me tackle (especially if they might have a general commercial appeal), then feel free to comment.