Monday 26 March 2012

Two more KKBB Spies.

Lord Montgomery Highborne is one of the worlds most deadly assassin- and is correspondingly expensive. He is a cold-blooded hunter who has progressed from hunting endangered species to that most rarefied of foes, Man. His preferred weapon is a custom-made platinum pistol. Those who can afford his exorbitant fees sleep safe in the knowledge that their foes are as good as dead.

Mr Mathew Brown is not what he seems- he looks like a mild-mannered British businessman, perhaps commuting to his office. In truth, he is one of the KGB's deep cover agent, playing cat and mouse with MI6.

Two more Kiss Kiss Bang Bang figures for the collation. I pained these for the Lead Painters League and they were a pleasure. I have some more to follow shortly.

VBCW: Battle for Alverley

We got another game of Very British Civil War in last week, featuring a British Union of Fascists assault on the sleepy Cheshire village of Alverley. There was a lot at stake for the BUF, because Alverley Cricket Club is an ideal position for the Royalist artillery to set up to pound the defences of the Socialist stronghold Helsby Hill.

There is a full report on The Gentleman's Wargames Parlor. Here's a few pictures of the action. I think it will suffice to say that some rather lucky dice, some heroic actions, and some dastardly cowardice meant a Red victory was assured.

Friday 23 March 2012

More Chester Local Defence Force

He's a picture of the rest of my VBCW Chester Local Defence Force (the Duke's Own Groundsmen). These are the one's who never made it into my LPL entry, but which I painted up anyway, in preparation for a VBCW game this week. I ended up not using them, but never the less, I am sure they will see action soon enough!

They are, from left to right, Gripping Beasts, Iron Clad, Gripping Beasts, Warlord Games/Bolt Action and another Gripping Beasts.

Sunday 18 March 2012

Chester LDF- The Duke's Own Groundsmen

This is my latest Company for my Very British Civil War (VBCW) army: The Chester Defence Force. It is the brave men of the Dukes Own Groundsmen Militia. Drawn exclusively from the groundsmen, foresters, grooms and tenant farmers of the Duke of Farnham's estates, they are directly under the command of his nephew, Captain Hon. Robert G Grover. They are all skilled outdoorsmen, and are handy with a 12 bore shotgun. They will from the nucleus of what the Duke hopes will become a battalion of 'The Dukes Own Household Troops'- essentially a feudal force answerable only to him.

These figures were painted for my LPL entry. They are all Gripping Beasts, but will be joined by figures from Iron Clad and Warlord to make a unit of 10. I have plans to expand them further.

Sunday 11 March 2012

West Midlands Millitary Show 2012

I went to the West Midlands Military Show with my son Charlie. It is a medium sized historic war gaming show in Wolverhampton. It's been around for years, but this is only the second time I have been, an Charlie's first. There were a lot of retailers there, and I fished up a few bargains and came across a few games and retailers that were new to me. I also had a chance to see some stunning table tops. Here's a pile of pictures of some of the best. I apologies that I never wrote the name of the individuals and groups who created these masterpieces. If you recognise any of them and want to credit their creators properly please post a comment at the end of this entry.

This was a lovely 28mm cowboy town, apparently under attack by a large number of bandits. The scenery was great, as were the minis. I thought it was a bit too busy, but impressive nether the less.

Here a couple of shots of a Victorian city-scape for a horror skirmish game. Jaw droppingly good scenery! The majority of the buildings were scratch built!

As always at these kind of shows there were a number of re-enactment groups. We thought the guy running the WW2 table was very friendly and knowledgeable. Charlie was impressed with the Bren Gun- but damn those things are heavy. I wouldn't fancy lugging one from here to Berlin!

Charlie enjoyed a game of Pike and Shot, using a homegrown rules set. It was a lot of fun and easy to pick up. The group running it , the Sir Gilbert Hoghton's Company of Foote, were very friendly and welcoming.

Another spectacular board from (I think) the Shewsbury Wargaming Society. This one is a pirate themed battle, featuring a large number of none-combatant villagers. The shear number and range of civilians was remarkable- and every were I looked there were amusing details like the string quartet and the man proposing to the goat herdess.

My own extravagant purchases included (but were not restricted to) a couple of Britannia Miniatures 'Technicals' and a crashed Black Hawk helicopters for my African board, a new laser cut MDF house from 4 Ground, some sailors for VBCW, and some 28mm sheep.

Overall, we had a great day out. I spent too much money, and so now I am going to have to put some stuff on eBay to pay form Salute next month.

Saturday 10 March 2012

More Old School Adventurers

Here's a few more old Citadel Adventurers I painted for the Lead Painters League.

Rookbrow the Ranger

I went for autumnal colours for Rookbrow, rather than the more obvious Lincoln Green. A nice model, with the look of Sean Bean to him (I think).

Pebble the Pack Donkey

Pack Donkey's are an often neglected member of the adventuring party. I think they just fell out of fashion amongst adventurers, probably because they can't climb walls, move steathfully, hide, pick locks or many of the other rather useful skills needed by your average adventurer. On the plus side, they can carry your gear, they look cute, and if push comes to shove, you can always eat them.

Here's a group shot of the party I used for the LPL, including Drambuin the Dwarf. My close up picture of Drambuin didn't come out that well, so you will just have to squint at the screen a bit.

Hope you enjoy the Old School...just a bit of fun.

Thursday 8 March 2012

Old School D&D!

I often buy figures on a whim, without much thought to how or why I might need them. I am, I am sure, not alone in this failing, and the damn internet just makes it even easier. Last year I bought some old Citadel Miniatures from Miniature Heroes website, who retails 'pre-owned' figures (I must be getting old, because in my day they were called second-hand). These figures were the Dungeon Adventures Starter Set. This box set had special significance for me as it was the first 'box set' I ever owned, having got it for Christmas of my mum and dad, I would guess around 1985. Amazingly arrived in their original box in perfect condition.

Sir Pellinor, the Paladin

I was determined to do these figures justice, and when I saw that the Lead Painters League competition had a bonus round where the theme was 'Old Lead' I knew it was time to dig them out and lovingly paint them (taking much more effort than I did back in 1985). I am rather pleased with the result.

Noramund the Gnome

Friday 2 March 2012

Soul Patrol: Marcus Cool

Marcus Cool is the enforcer for the freelance spies The Soul Patrol. He used to work for a gang , but was rehabilitated when he met John Hammer. Now he works closely with Hammer, providing extra muscle when needed. He takes pride in his appearance, and is never understated.

Another excellent Kiss Kiss Bang Bang figure sculpted by the genius that is Mark Copplstone of Copplestone Castings. I don't think I have come across a Copplestone figure I didn't like or wasn't a pleasure to paint. I can't recommend his stuff highly enough.