Sunday 11 March 2012

West Midlands Millitary Show 2012

I went to the West Midlands Military Show with my son Charlie. It is a medium sized historic war gaming show in Wolverhampton. It's been around for years, but this is only the second time I have been, an Charlie's first. There were a lot of retailers there, and I fished up a few bargains and came across a few games and retailers that were new to me. I also had a chance to see some stunning table tops. Here's a pile of pictures of some of the best. I apologies that I never wrote the name of the individuals and groups who created these masterpieces. If you recognise any of them and want to credit their creators properly please post a comment at the end of this entry.

This was a lovely 28mm cowboy town, apparently under attack by a large number of bandits. The scenery was great, as were the minis. I thought it was a bit too busy, but impressive nether the less.

Here a couple of shots of a Victorian city-scape for a horror skirmish game. Jaw droppingly good scenery! The majority of the buildings were scratch built!

As always at these kind of shows there were a number of re-enactment groups. We thought the guy running the WW2 table was very friendly and knowledgeable. Charlie was impressed with the Bren Gun- but damn those things are heavy. I wouldn't fancy lugging one from here to Berlin!

Charlie enjoyed a game of Pike and Shot, using a homegrown rules set. It was a lot of fun and easy to pick up. The group running it , the Sir Gilbert Hoghton's Company of Foote, were very friendly and welcoming.

Another spectacular board from (I think) the Shewsbury Wargaming Society. This one is a pirate themed battle, featuring a large number of none-combatant villagers. The shear number and range of civilians was remarkable- and every were I looked there were amusing details like the string quartet and the man proposing to the goat herdess.

My own extravagant purchases included (but were not restricted to) a couple of Britannia Miniatures 'Technicals' and a crashed Black Hawk helicopters for my African board, a new laser cut MDF house from 4 Ground, some sailors for VBCW, and some 28mm sheep.

Overall, we had a great day out. I spent too much money, and so now I am going to have to put some stuff on eBay to pay form Salute next month.


Michael Awdry said...

Some splendid tables on show, I'm particularly taken by the pirate set up. Many thanks for sharing.

Jay said...

Really nice setups!

Simon Quinton said...

Aww man I forgot about this show. I'm skint anyhow. Thanks for posting up pics though.