Saturday 10 March 2012

More Old School Adventurers

Here's a few more old Citadel Adventurers I painted for the Lead Painters League.

Rookbrow the Ranger

I went for autumnal colours for Rookbrow, rather than the more obvious Lincoln Green. A nice model, with the look of Sean Bean to him (I think).

Pebble the Pack Donkey

Pack Donkey's are an often neglected member of the adventuring party. I think they just fell out of fashion amongst adventurers, probably because they can't climb walls, move steathfully, hide, pick locks or many of the other rather useful skills needed by your average adventurer. On the plus side, they can carry your gear, they look cute, and if push comes to shove, you can always eat them.

Here's a group shot of the party I used for the LPL, including Drambuin the Dwarf. My close up picture of Drambuin didn't come out that well, so you will just have to squint at the screen a bit.

Hope you enjoy the Old School...just a bit of fun.


Jay said...

Nice! Thanks for the look at your adventurers.

Simon Quinton said...

Great job mate. I Voted for you over at LAF yours was much better IMO. Fingers Crossed for you

Michael Awdry said...

Even with all the advancements in sculpting style and process since these were done they still look brilliant today; a testament to your skill. I hope they did well in the league for you.

Delaney King said...