Monday 18 June 2018

Burrows and Badgers: A Mouse House

When Burrows and Badgers Skirmish game first came out as a Kick Starter I was a bit intrigued but basically thought the figures were nice but it wasn't for me. Then I saw the figures that Simon (AKA Brummie) was painting and they were SO nice I thought I would give it another look. On closer inspection I fell in love with the little cute anthropomorphic animals and decided to go all in. 

I thought I would make some terrain, as no one else makes stuff that even remotely fits the world of Burrows and Badgers (well at least how I see it). Originally I thought I might sell it on the Hazardous Terrain page, but now I have decided I want to keep it, and even make some more. 

In my imagination I see the world of Burrows and Badgers as comprising of windswept moors, craggy rocks and cute villages that look like something produced by a cross of Tokien's Shire and the Wind in the Willows, with a healthy dose of Redwall thrown in. After extensive research (on Pinterest) looking at cute cottages, fairy houses and so on, I was ready to give it a go. 

This is what I came up with, a house for a mouse- part cottage and part burrow, with a very cute cottage garden.  I hope you like it and can 'get' what I was going for. Style wise it is clear fantasy but nothing like my usual terrain. I was certainly a lot of fun to build and I learned a lot from making it. 

 And this is Manfri Shadowpaws, a mouse rogue, and the first of my band of thieves, rogues and cut-purses for B&B. These figures are lovely to paint and I will certainly be doing more!