Friday 26 June 2015

French and Indian War: 18th Century Farm Girls

These are my last entry into the Lead Painters League this Year. They are some 18th century farmers which will be used for my French And Indian Wars Project, but could easily populate a pirate board. They are lovely figures from Fenryll. They are a bit tall, probably 30mm, so would look wrong with many of my other ranges, but Redoubts FIW stuff is so chunky they could be just about right. I love the sculpts, which are very detailed. It's nice to see female figures that are attractive, but dressed (fairly) modestly. The horse and cart are from Warbases, and the cargo is form Ainsty. 

Monday 22 June 2015

Last weekend saw another evening of gaming at The Earlswood Wargamers. It was a bit of an eclectic mix of games, to suit all tastes, form War of Spanish succession in 28mm, to 10mm Napoleonic and an even smaller scale Star Trek game. I played in the Napoleonic game,as the Prussian/Russians against Vlad's French. Little Al was referee, and supplied all the figures. 

Dave, the talented painter who did the Dead Man's Hand stuff turned his hands to Star Trek. Not happy with the somewhat under par paint scheme on the Start Trek pre-paints he has set about repainting them. So far he has painted two Klingon War Birds. They look awesome.

War Bird De-cloaking off the Port Bow!

The Napoleonic game used Grand Manner as a rules set, and pitched two large forces against each other in a bit to control two villages. The Prussian reserve force (made up of sub-standard troops and raw militias) had to hold until relieved. It was our first go with the rules, and they suited the scale very well, although they proved a bit slow and so we never got to fight the battle to a satisfactory conclusion, which was a shame. Next time, if we use the same rules, then I think we need less figures on the boards so we can get more achieved. That said the massed ranks of the infantry marching into battle look amazing. 

Russian and French Skirmishers class in the village. 

The French try to flush the Prussian Landwehr out of the village

The Russians get ready to take the charge

The Heavy Cavalry Clash

Massed Ranks! Now that is war!
 I couldn't tell you much about the WSS game, except it looks very lovely!

Friday 19 June 2015

Home Front 1941: More Fallschimjager

My Fallschimjager project continues, with the addition of a few more riflemen. These are from Artizan Designs. 

Monday 15 June 2015

Freebooter's Fate: First Battle Report

Pulp Citizen and I have played our first game of Freebooter's Fate. It was rum-soaked swash-bucklin' romp. Captain Rosso tried to extract some payback for an insult from a local merchant who refused to deal with his crew. Unfortunately for Rosso the merchant was secretly a member of the Brotehrhood, a guild of assassins. When Rosso turned up to 'have a chat' with the merchant the Brotherhood were already there, lurking in the shadows!

The now dilapidated Merchants district was deserted when Captain Rosso arrived. Never a good sign. 

Sneaky rats hiding in the shadows

Rosso runs into an assassin, and is taken out of the fight early

Rosso's deck hands get a little revenge by beating the crap out of a lowlife they find lurking in a back ally.  

Assassins are less scary when they are the ones being surprised. Especially when that surprise is a bullet in the forehead. 

Unfortunately the pirates actions are too little to late, as the Brotherhoods killers close in on her!

The last plucky pirate meets her end at the hands of the master assassin of the Brotherhood. And a lackey because apparently he was too scared to face her alone!

Saturday 13 June 2015

Pulp City: Grimm

The Grimm are small, subterranean creatures that live in the sewers and tunnels beneath the city. They seem to be particularly prone to mutation, and many develop powers, or otherwise evolve rapidly into specialised roles.Citizens of Pulp City are only aware that they share their environment with the Grimm when they break through to the surface world and cause havoc. This is usually more of a nuisance than a threat, but recently they Grimm raids have been better coordinated and the Grimms themselves seem to becoming more powerful. Some scientists speculate that exposure to supreme is causing their unstable genes to mutate into supreme themselves!

These figures are the ones I painted for the Lead Painters League. They are from the Pulp City Range and are great fun to paint. If I remember correctly they are Grimmbiote, Grimm-Lee Chan, Supreme Grimm, The Toxic Grimmvenger and Grimmrock. 

Wednesday 3 June 2015

Afghan Hill Tribesmen

I bought these Wargames Foundry figures at Salute because I liked them, and I painted them for Lead Painters League. They were lovely to paint. 
I see these as the ultimate in multi-use figures. They could be Indian or Afgan irregulars from the 18th-19th century, Berber pirates or Zanzibar slavers. They will see service in Sharps Practice, In Her Majesties Name or Pulp era gaming, and perhaps in the future might see use in the Canatic Wars (Clive of India stuff), Darkest Africa, or VBCW-in-India (where they will be mixed with the fantastic Jazz Age Afgans from Empress miniatures).