Friday 27 March 2009

I am acutely conscious that I haven't posted anything for a long time. I have been working on a number of side-projects, such as my growing range of pulp-era minis, my small range of generic SciFi scum and villainy, and some Conan-esque barbarians. I have also been seduced by the lure of my new X-Box 360, but fear not readers, for I am now back at the painting tray, and have just finished some new Super Villains.

This big fellow is Sumo, Japanese enforcer for the organised crime network known as Black Dragon Club. He is a formidable opponent, already a skilled martial artist, super tough and super strong, but he also has the ability to expediently increase his mass, making him the ultimate unmovable object.

I like this figure. He reminds me of the sumo wrestler in Street Fighter 2. He is from the Martial Artists range from Hasslefree.

Keep checking. I will be posting more soon.

Tuesday 10 March 2009

I went to see Watchmen last night with my wife. And I would have to say that I was wholly underwhelmed.
I am a big fan of the book, having read it several times over the years, most recently last summer. I believe it is arguable the most important graphic novel of all time. I have been excited about the film since it was announced, and have been eagerly waiting for its arrival.
If you haven't seen the film yet, don't read on. I'm not going to give the plot away or anything, but I don't want to colour you opinion before you see it.
I thought it was slow, lacking pace, and confusing to anyone unfamiliar with the book (like my wife). Visually it was exceptionally good, and faithful by and large to the imagery portrayed in the book. It was also faithful to the plot, more or less, and there lies it's fundamental problem. By trying to shoe horn in scenes and characters fleshed out fully in the book, the director was left with a sluggish plot that crawls along at it's own relentless pace. Seemingly no thought was made how to interpret the book into a film, of which bits to edit out and which bits to embellish. There were good bits, and even some exceptional bits, but the characters were two dimensional (odd considering the source material), and the film dragged on apparently indefinitely. At one point, about half way through Silk Specter asks Doctor Manhattan "Why don't you just tell me how all this ends so we don't have to go through it all?"
A sentiment I have to echo.

Monday 9 March 2009

Here is a couple of quick pics of some work in progress (WIP) super heroes.
The first one is from Heresy, and is a slightly converted Ruddock, minus his coffee cup, and holding a fire ball instead. simple conversion that took me a few minutes. He had a slightly deranged look about him that suggests he is a pyromaniac.

This is Elvis, of course, getting ready to hurl a bolt of pure energy! The conversion was originally a hasslefree zombie-hunting-Elvis. I kid you not.