Friday 29 June 2012

Captain Price and his Boys- British SAS

Captain Price is an experienced SAS officer who has served in many theatres of war during his carrier. His special area of expertise is covert and clandestine operations. His was a natural choice to head up the Special Forces operation in Zugando- code named Charlie Bravo. His team has been operating behind the lines in Zugando for twelve months, moving on foot, and supplied by air, they have succeeding in destroying a number of Zugando PRA bases and killing some of the PRA’s higher ranking officials.
Captain Price is a natural warrior, and inspires his men to feats of valour. He has an astute mind that can quickly assess the flow of a battle, and allow him to use his small force to maximum effect.

Captain Price (in the middle) with a SAS fire support team

These figures are by The Assault Group. I have painted the in desert DPM fatigues, although in all probability they should be in Multi Cam or Green DPM, but what the heck. Captain Price is a character I have borrowed from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, which is that game that inspired this collection in the first place, so that only seems fair.

Tuesday 19 June 2012

Even more PRA Militia for my Shanty Town!

And now, even more militiamen for the Zugando People’ Resistance Army. I am now very close to finishing the first stage of the project. I guess something like this is never really finished, but I find it easier to break it up into stage. I am –partially pleased with the one in the middle in the top photo- it’s not that clear in the picture but he is wearing a Manchester united top- When my wife went to Nairobi she said that all the people ever talk about in ManU, so I thought it seemed appropriate.

Again I used a mix of The Assault Group African Militia and Somali militia. I have been careful with the paints to disguise the fact that some of the figures are the same as the ones I painted for the ‘Elite’ PRA soldiers. 

Friday 15 June 2012

Delta Force Fire Team- Behind the Lines in Zugando

  US Special Forces have been operating in Zugando ad part of the allies’ attempts to neutralise the People’s Resistance Army. Although the current UN charter does not mandate their actions, they have been operating in the country for twelve months, in conjunction with UK Special Forces, to try to eliminate the leadership and supply chains of the PRA. USSF specialist expertise in CQB and the use of unmanned Predator drones have proved invaluable in the campaign so far. 

These are a mixture of Empress Miniatures and Eureka Miniatures- to be honest, now they are based and painted I have a hard time telling the different manufacturers apart- Empress tend to be a little taller, but there is not much in it. Both ranges are really well sculpted and cast, with tons of details. Finding reference pictures of USSF in their uniforms isn't easy. I opted to try to paint them in MultiCam- with a reasonable degree of success, I think. 

Wednesday 13 June 2012

Captain Bagwana of the PRA

Captain John Bagwana is a regional commander in the neo-communist Zugando People’s Resistance army. He claims to have been an officer in the British paratroopers, and always sports a red beret. Journalist Rex Sadler managed to uncover that a Zugandan soldier named Johan Bagwana did serve as a private in the paratroopers regiment, but as yet the British Government has refused to confirm if it the same individual.

The UK Special Forces units operating in the area have been given a property kill-capture order on dealing with Bagwana after troops under his command ambushed an SAS patrol and killed two men. Commanders on the ground have vowed not to underestimate Bagwana again. 

Again these figures are by The Assault Group. I have painted these in a fairly random mixture of green army fatigues to suggest the irregular nature of the PRA, compared to the Zugandan army. Bagwana's beret and wicked looking machete will make him stand our frothe rank and file on the battlefield (and no doubt make him a priory target for the UK Special Forces player!)

Tuesday 12 June 2012

African Militias

 The Zugandan People’s Resistance Army is the neo-communist rebel army opposed to the dictatorship of President Madanawanga. The vast majority of the PRA forces tend to be child soldiers or militias forcefully conscripted into the PRA. Their training is minimal, and they are typically poorly equipped, but they have been systematically brutalised, and many are addicted to strong narcotics and amphetamines. I-COZ forces have reported these militiamen remaining in the field longer than world be expected for troops of their quality.
 The PRA have been accused of conducting a campaign of systematic genocidal attacks against the minority ethnic Metandi population.

The above ‘fluff’ is part of the background I have written for my Force on Force campaign. Feeling somewhat uncomfortable about the whole area of ‘modern’ era wargaming; i.e. war gaming conflicts that are on going or have happened in resent memory, I decide to create a fictitious war-torn West African country called the Democratic Republic of Zugando.

The figures are, for the most part, by The Assault Group. A few Britannia miniatures managed to sneak in too.  

I wanted the militiamen to look quite different from the uniformed regular army, despite in many cased being based on the same figure. Having looked at a lot of google-images of African militias and Somali pirates I opted for bright colours, and a lot of sportswear, as this seems to be what all well dressed militiamen have opted for. 

Sunday 10 June 2012

KKBB Boiler Suited Henchmen

 Every aspiring world dominating villain needs legions of faithful henchmen to carry out his nefarious plans, build secret lairs, feed the killer sharks, tie heroes to ‘Death Ray Traps’ etc. The attire of choice for the loyal thugs is obviously the brightly coloured boiler suit.
  These henchmen are no exception, having been kitted out with bright yellow boiler suits and nice shiny helmets to maker them even more conspicuous. Be wary enemies of tyrants everywhere- these guys will be ready to die to stop you (and no doubt they will, in droves!)

These figures are part of the Kiss Kiss Bang Bang range jointly produced by Copplestone Castings and Artizan Designs. Mark Copplestone sculpts these ones, and very nice they are too. They will also be useful as hirelings for super villains in my four colour campaign and as hired guns for Pulp City.