Tuesday, 12 June 2012

African Militias

 The Zugandan People’s Resistance Army is the neo-communist rebel army opposed to the dictatorship of President Madanawanga. The vast majority of the PRA forces tend to be child soldiers or militias forcefully conscripted into the PRA. Their training is minimal, and they are typically poorly equipped, but they have been systematically brutalised, and many are addicted to strong narcotics and amphetamines. I-COZ forces have reported these militiamen remaining in the field longer than world be expected for troops of their quality.
 The PRA have been accused of conducting a campaign of systematic genocidal attacks against the minority ethnic Metandi population.

The above ‘fluff’ is part of the background I have written for my Force on Force campaign. Feeling somewhat uncomfortable about the whole area of ‘modern’ era wargaming; i.e. war gaming conflicts that are on going or have happened in resent memory, I decide to create a fictitious war-torn West African country called the Democratic Republic of Zugando.

The figures are, for the most part, by The Assault Group. A few Britannia miniatures managed to sneak in too.  

I wanted the militiamen to look quite different from the uniformed regular army, despite in many cased being based on the same figure. Having looked at a lot of google-images of African militias and Somali pirates I opted for bright colours, and a lot of sportswear, as this seems to be what all well dressed militiamen have opted for. 

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Jay said...

These are really nicely painted Zugandans, Sir. A pleasure to view.