Friday, 29 June 2012

Captain Price and his Boys- British SAS

Captain Price is an experienced SAS officer who has served in many theatres of war during his carrier. His special area of expertise is covert and clandestine operations. His was a natural choice to head up the Special Forces operation in Zugando- code named Charlie Bravo. His team has been operating behind the lines in Zugando for twelve months, moving on foot, and supplied by air, they have succeeding in destroying a number of Zugando PRA bases and killing some of the PRA’s higher ranking officials.
Captain Price is a natural warrior, and inspires his men to feats of valour. He has an astute mind that can quickly assess the flow of a battle, and allow him to use his small force to maximum effect.

Captain Price (in the middle) with a SAS fire support team

These figures are by The Assault Group. I have painted the in desert DPM fatigues, although in all probability they should be in Multi Cam or Green DPM, but what the heck. Captain Price is a character I have borrowed from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, which is that game that inspired this collection in the first place, so that only seems fair.


Simon Quinton said...

Nice, one of my favorite games

Michael Awdry said...

Great work Sir. A lovely group of miniatures.

Lead Legion said...

Very nice. But which is Soap?

pulpcitizen said...

More great stuff; your FoF forces are really shaping up in numbers.