Thursday 23 August 2018

Burrows and Badgers: Fagin Mactavity and his gang of thieves

Introducing Fagin Mactavity, a notorious wild cat ne'r-do-well and rogue who, with the help of his ferret enforcer, Savage Gill, runs a gang of mice thieves. The mice serve Mactavity out of a mix of fear and awe, heading out each night on their criminal missions, returning each morning to hand over their ill gotten gains to their boss. Those who fail to bring back enough loot will answer to Savage Gill. 

Saturday 18 August 2018

Gaslands Barricades

 I have been making some scenery for Gaslands. Its basically 20mm scale, because that seems to work best with die-cast cars like Hot Wheels, which is the most common bases for Gaslands vehicles. 

I really like Gaslands but I don't know anyone who will play it so these concrete barricades will be sold by Hazardous Terrain. 

I hope you like them. 

Thursday 16 August 2018

Burrows and Badgers: Herbalist's Garden

Just another Burrows and Badgers terrain piece. I actually finished this one a while ago and forgot to put it on the blog. I hope you like it.