Wednesday 29 April 2015

Home Front 1941: Fallschirmjaeger Command

More fallschirmjaeger for Bolt Action/Chain or Command. This time these are from Artisan Designs and include an officer and his NCOs, radio operator etc. I painted the officer in field Grey, but then I found out his trousers are field grey but his jacket is Luftwaffe Blue (as paratroopers the FJ were part of the air-force not the army). Luftwaffe Blue is very similar to the RAF blue, but I didn't have any. In desperation I mixed some blues and greys together, then watered it down into a wash and painted it over the grey jacket. I couldn't begin to tell you what colours I had used, but by sheer chance when it dried it was exactly the right colour!

We played a game of Chain of Command at the Earlswood Club last week and I was very impressed. The Germans are VERY dangerous compared with the Americans. The GI's get one Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR) per rifle section, while the Germans get two MG42 in the period we were gaming. Now the MG42 is a much better gun than the BAR,and the amount of fire-power the German sections could lay down war frightening. Added to that the fact that the Germans managed to secure the best ground, and nearly everything when right for the Germans, than the Americans were doomed from the start. It's a great game that certainly has the feel of the period.  Officers and NCO's have a real effect on the game, and their actions make all the difference. Added to that the fact that there is 'Fog of War' elements, reserves and hidden deployment all built into the core of the game mechanics means taht it is a game that is more 'realistic' than Bolt Action, but just as much fun to play!

Sunday 19 April 2015

Lead Painters League 9: Armoured Foot Knights

Here are some Perry plastic foot knights I have painted. I have entered these for Lead Painters League (a painting competition on Lead Adventure Forum). I bought them specifically to paint and then put on eBay, as a sort of experiment, having seen the silly prices even averagely painted historic miniatures can command on eBay. I am hoping to make a tidy profit. They were not particularity challenging to paint, given that they are mostly metal, but they are rather nice figures.  By the way- I won my first round.