Thursday, 8 March 2012

Old School D&D!

I often buy figures on a whim, without much thought to how or why I might need them. I am, I am sure, not alone in this failing, and the damn internet just makes it even easier. Last year I bought some old Citadel Miniatures from Miniature Heroes website, who retails 'pre-owned' figures (I must be getting old, because in my day they were called second-hand). These figures were the Dungeon Adventures Starter Set. This box set had special significance for me as it was the first 'box set' I ever owned, having got it for Christmas of my mum and dad, I would guess around 1985. Amazingly arrived in their original box in perfect condition.

Sir Pellinor, the Paladin

I was determined to do these figures justice, and when I saw that the Lead Painters League competition had a bonus round where the theme was 'Old Lead' I knew it was time to dig them out and lovingly paint them (taking much more effort than I did back in 1985). I am rather pleased with the result.

Noramund the Gnome


Jay said...

Nice job and fun stuff. The little guy looks like he could and would tickle "your fancy" real good!

Michael Awdry said...

Absolutely delightful, you have really done them proud.

Simon Quinton said...

Nicely painted there is a certain charm for owning classic miniatures

pulpcitizen said...

Great stuff as ever Rob; very charming with the old-scholl appeal, and very nice work mate. :)

Deserter said...

I love the gnome! Nice paintwork on both of those.