Friday, 25 April 2014

Peninsular Wars: Royal Navy Officers.

Midshipman Lovejoy

Midshipman Lancelot Lovejoy is the youngest officer on the HMS Endurance. He is a young buck with a reputation for being a lecherous ladies man. He might be no looker and of an average stamp physically, but he is the son of a mill owner, and is as rich as Cresus, and thinks he can buy the affections of any lady. He is a clumsy slasher with his sword, and only an occasional horseman. He is disliked by his crew, and even by the other officers, who consider him something of a cad. He is very jealous of the other officers, especially ones of noble birth, and his envy might be his undoing.

Lieutenant John Ragley, 2nd lieutenant of the HMS Endurance, is a fine fellah: Physically of average stamp, but fair of face. He is a fair hand with a sword, but a novice in the saddle. Unfortunate for lieutenant  Ragley, be was born in an orphanage, with no money or rank. That he has risen as far as he has is a tribute to his tenacity, intellect and honourable conduct; never the less he is universally despised by the crew and the other officers, who don't consider him a 'proper officer'.

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The landing party ha grown quickly; more great work. :)