Wednesday 11 September 2019

Last Days in Paradise: Biker Chicks!

I have added a couple of biker chicks to the Outlaw MC gang for Last Days: A Zombie Apocalypse. These girls count as 'survivors' and are a little lighter armed than the male bikers. Candice (in the red bikini top and combats) is armed with a semi-automatic pistol. Candice used to be a swimsuit model and a gym-bunny. 
Sugar (short for Sugar-Plum, believe it or not!) used to be a barmaid in the MC. She might not be as tough as the rest of the MC, but she knows a bit of first aid, and she is easy on the eye, so her brothers in the MC look after her. She is armed with a surplus SMG. 


Phil Curran said...

Do these count for this years Zomtober???

Rob Bresnen said...

no. I am going to paint a zombie horde for zombtober. I have bought a box of Mantic zombies.

Michal DwarfCrypt said...

That's great!