Monday 25 August 2014

Home Guard 1941: Odds and Ends

 Here are a few more of the odds and ends I have been finishing off for my Home Guard platoon for Bolt Action.
 First up, a couple of stretcher bearers for my medic. These don't really work in the rules as they havn't got rifles and their are two bearers together on the base, but they are such cool figures I just had to do them. I am just going to count them as a single rifleman accompanying my medic.

 They are from Black Tree Designs. I want to get some more and convert them to Chindits for my Burma army.

Next up, a Royal Artillery Forward Observing Officer. He is issued with a Sten Gun, which has just been introduced to the British army ahead of the German invasion and is still something of a novelty. It is much lighter (and more unreliable) than a Thompson SMG, which is why this FOO had picked it.

The Royal Artillery will be back behind the lines, and the FOO will be hopefully guiding accurate artillery fire onto the German positions while the Home Guard attempt to fend off the Huns.

British defensive doctrine in 1941 was to use the Home Guard to stall the German blitzkrieg at stop lines and anti-tank islands long enough for the Regular army to assemble and counter attack. There is no doubt that the volunteers in the Home Guard would be facing a terrible onslaught for the first few hours of any invasion, and I am sure they would be glad of the Royal Artillery 25 pounders while they wait for reinforcements.


Michael Awdry said...

More cracking work Rob.

pulpcitizen said...

More great additions to the Home Guard ranks. :)

Unknown said...

Lovely work dude!

Phil said...

Excellent work!

Simon Quinton said...

Nice additions they certainly add plenty of character. I need to do something with all those German's sitting in a box.