Friday 5 September 2014

Peninsular War: Angry Spanish Mob (Part One)

Here are a few more figures for my Peninsular War setting- After reading CS Fosters 'The Gun' I felt the need to paint some angry Spaniards, outraged at the French occupying army. 

The Peninsular War was effectively kicked off by an angry mob of Spanish peasants incensed by Napoleon manipulating the Spanish line of succession in favour of his own brother. It was this rebellion that finally convinced the English that opening up another front on the Iberian Peninsular was a viable option in their war against Napoleon. 
Throughout the war the Spanish peasants and the guerilla fighters were a great thorn in the side of the French occupying force (in fact the term guerilla is a Spanish word coined in this period- it means 'little war'). It could be argued that the Spanish peasant were a greater threat to the French that the Spanish regular army.
Catholic Priest in both Spain and Portugal railed again Napoleon's atheist France, and often were at the fore of many a peasant uprising. The French knew how dangerous these religious fanatics were, and generally hung any they captured in battle. 

My intention is to do a small force of Spanish- Guerillas armed with muskets (probably supplied by the English or captured by from the French) along with an angry mob of locals and clergy, armed with anything they can grab. 

My Spanish are from Eureka, and are from their Tyrolean range (part of their French Revolutionary Wars range). So technically their Italian.
I opted for these because their is a number of figures armed with just improvised weapons, as well as some with muskets. This makes them ideal for an angry mob. Scale wise they fit well with Perry Miniatures, and should be perfect with the Perry Carlist War figures, meaning I can easily build up the faction with civilians and me armed with a variety  of fire arms. They should also scale well with the Paul Hicks sculpted Spanish from Brigade Games

I do like plenty of options. 


Simon Quinton said...

They have turned out quite nicely mate. Well done on these additions.

Stuart S said...

These are looking great and will be a valuable addition.

pulpcitizen said...

Great looking minis there mate. :)

This project is definitely growing. :)