Monday 2 February 2009

This is Huntress. She was once the side kick of the much feared vigilante hero Nightmaster but, when he was killed by the super villain Doctor Apocalypse, she took it upon herself to get vengeance. She now stalks the criminals of her home city with the patients of a true hunter, striking without warning and mercy. She still has access to much of Nightmaster's arsenal of gadgets and weapons, but she particularly favors a heavily modified Barreta sniper rifle.
The figure is from the Urban Mammoth range ( link ). She is just a sniper from a military range. I was going to do her in batman-like colours, but I thought she would look too much like a para-military rather than a four colour hero, and eventually I hit on the idea of making her more colourful as a former side-kick turned bad.

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Molotov said...

A really nice not-Robin. Great, great idea executed well.