Thursday 29 January 2009

Argh! Run in terror! The Zombies have found our safe haven!

I honestly don't know what I am going to use this figure for, but he was so cute and cartooney that I have to have him. I guess he could be an evil minion or something? The mini is an OOP Spyglass zombie, but you may have some luck getting hold of it if you check out the Spyglass website, they still have some stock they are clearing.
I painted the flesh using GW foundation Gretchen Green, with a bit of Dheneb stone added to highlight, then washed it with thinned down green and flesh wash mixed together. It was very simple, but really effective.

This bruiser is Wolf, a mutant with feral reflexes and an astounding power of rapid regeneration. He has been a hero for decades, with no sign of aging or slowing down. He has a reputation of something of a loner, and many other hero's find him very difficult to get on with.

This figure is, I think, a Superfig, but I am not sure. He was part of a batch of 'spares' my friend Leon kindly gave me. The casting is a bit ropey around the groin, and the scale is a bit over-large, but I love is action pose. The costume is based on the old costume of a more well known feral loner-type.

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