Wednesday 25 July 2012

Two Flames of War Buildings

These two buildings are both 15mm scale World War 2 buildings suitable for Flames of War games set in Normandy. Both are made from pre-cut laser-cut MDF.
Flames of War Buildings
The one on the left is by Sassissa Precision and comes flat pack and unpainted: It costs £9. Obviously I have painted this one myself, and it took 2-3 hours to assemble and paint to this standard.
The one on the right is a new one from 4Ground, and also comes flat pack- the difference is that 4Ground gives the option of having pre-painted models- like this one. This one took about an hour to assemble- it’s a more complicated model that the Sarrissa Precision one- but obviously did not need painting. It cost £13.
Now- personally I think the one I painted looks a bit better- given that you can see the joints on the roof and walls of the 4Ground one, but give that it was a pain in the butt to paint, the 4Ground stuff certainly has some merit. The difference of just £4 for the models is quite surprising, and the fact that the laser cutters adds a thin layer of soot that provides instant weathering is a great feature- so much so that I think I will go back to the Sarrissa buildings I have already finished and add some weathering powder.
Over all, I think that if you want to lavish lots of time and attention on your scenery and have a fantastic looking table top- then I would go with Sarrissa (or even 4Grounds very reasonably priced unpainted models), and paint them yourself. But if you want a pretty good-looking tabletop, and quickly- then go for the new 4Ground stuff.
Me? I think I am too lazy to paint more houses for Flames of War. In future 4Ground will get my business. 


Modest Miniatures said...

Both look great! Another great supplier of laser cut MDF is Warbases. I've just built one of their terrace buildings and it looks great.

Rob Bresnen said...

I have one of their 28mm buildings- a pub- for my VBCW- and I really like it. The problem is the windows, which are solid and just etched on, here as the Sarissa and 4ground have the windows cut out. I just glued blue card to the inside of the buildings- a lot easier than painting in each window pane.