Saturday, 14 July 2012

Technicals Incoming!

Here are some pictures of some ‘Technicals’ I have made for my African Militia, to provide them with some manoeuvrability and firepower.

A technical with a .50 Cal HMG

And without it's gun crew as a civvie vehical

A Technical with a recoilless rifle for a bit on anti-tank

These are made using Britannia Miniatures. The vehicles are resin; the wheels, crew and weapons are metal. I have based the gun crew on a piece of plasticard cut to fit the trailer area, so that I can remove the crew to us this as a civilian vehicles, perhaps in a supers game, with red-necks, or in a post-apocalypse game with zombies and alike. This also make storing them a bit easier too.


Clint said...

They look good. Britania also do some technicals in thier Afghanistan range should you want some variety.

Also worth noting that about 1/2 the technicals have the weapons facing to the rear so the driver does not get shot. By putting the crew on Plasticard you can easly use that option.

All the best Clint

Simon Quinton said...

These look really good mate, like how you've done the windscreens on them