Wednesday 26 May 2010

I am aware I haven't posted as many pictures of my minis as normal in the last few weeks. This is, in part, because of painting fatigue following the Lead Painters League competition for the Lead Adventure Forum, where I was required to paint a grueling 5 figures a week for ten weeks. Incidentally I did rather well in the competition, coming in the top 50% (22 out of 46). Also, as the painting project I am working on currently is not directly connected with my Four Colour Super project, I thought I would not post them as work progressed, but might still feature them in a later post, for the benefit of anyone who's interested.

The net result is that I thought I might as well quickly paint up something to post here, and so here it is...
The Supreme Theonarg of the Warstar.
He is the high commander of the Grey battle fleet, as well a it's
spiritual head.

Commander Nargette.
Second in command of the Warstar,
a ruthless warrior in her own right.

Chief Secnarg Gunerg,
Wielder of the Twin Ear-cannons
and head of security.

Lord Probenarg, Guardian of the Emerald Probe,
respected science officer

Master Psynarg of the Thrid Rite

Elite Sensi of the School of Psyonics

These figures are made by Black Cat Bases. I painted them in slightly silly four colour uniforms, and gave them silly names because I thought it suited their character. I also based the on the same Fenris Games resin bases I used for my Scifi game, giving them some cross over use. The might not be the best sculpted or best cast minis, but I really like them, and think they're a lot of fun. Hope you like them. There might be more on their way soon (an invasion?)


Doctor Warlock said...

These look WAY better painted than they do on the Black Cat Website - Nicely Done Mate!

Rob Bresnen said...

Thanks. There was quite a bit of flash to clean off, and a few miss molds (thats why the flying one has a 'scar' on his face). But I think it was worth the effort. Black Cat Bases do some great figures, but their quialty control is a but hit and miss. My mate Leon had some shockingly cast bits of scenary. Don't get him started on the subject- it's bad for his blood pressure.