Wednesday 12 May 2010

Here's a pic of my latest silly purchase. It is a computer from a Primeval action figure. I bought it from Tescos in a sale for £1.95. It came with an action figure which, as it's unlikely to ever be collectible, I chucked in the bin, and a set of five walkie talkies, which I kept for in my Bitz Box. It was the computer screens I was really after. Three for under £2, and with nice computer displays of global satellite images- too good an offer to miss. Imagine them gracing a mad scientists lab or the control hub of a super hero head-quarters. For now they will end up in my growing pile of 'will do that one day', but may be some day soon they will be dug out, receive a quick paint job, a new base, and be ready to grace my gaming table.

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