Sunday 18 December 2011

More Shanty Town Scenery

Ho ho ho! Amongst all the festive foolishness and Christmas tree construction I have managed to get a few more bits of my African slum scenery finished. It's building up into quite a collection now, but I would like to add a few more buildings, and may be a big centerpiece too.

First off, a couple more shanty shacks, being built in the same way as the previous ones. This one has a balsa wood ladder up the side. Gaming access to the flat roof increased the gaming potential.

This pool of contaminated water was made from card and DAS modeling clay. I made the office chair myself, from some left over Fimo. The toxic waste barrels some heartless multi-national company has dumped near the slum are made by Fenris Games (I am not implying Fenris Games are a heartless multi-national company by the way).

The barricade/rubbish tip is made from bits and bobs of things I made or found. I made the settee and the green foot locker from Fimo. There is also a telly and a bin bag, but you can't see them so well in this picture. The rest of the stuff is by various manufactures, or just junk and off cuts left over from other projects, or from building the shacks.

Here's a close up om my settee. I am rather pleased with it.


Simon Quinton said...

Could be used for allsorts. But strangely enought District 13 popped into my head at first site but then it was set in Africa.

Very nicely done terrain

Modest Miniatures said...

Brilliantly done there chap.

Jay said...

Nice scenery, again! The products of your creative juices I like: ideas, colors, variety, and usefulness (it might be fun to be a mini and slug it out in your shanty-town). Thanks!

pulpcitizen said...

Definitely going to see use for some different gaming projects I reckon! Great stuff mate.