Thursday 14 March 2013

Force on Force: African Union Troops in Zugando

As the international community attempts to stabilise the deteriorating situation in the West African country of Zugando, UN Peace Keepers come under increasing pressure as they try to protect the Urban areas on the coast from the Peoples Resistance Army of Zugando. The Peace keeping force is mostly made up of British and African Union (AU) troops, especially Nigerian Army (NA).

The search for suitable figures to use as AU and NA troops has proved a tricky one. Most AU nations, including he Nigerians, use the AK assault rifles (AK47 and AK74). The Nigerian Army also have ballistic protection and kevlar helmets, known as K-pots of 'fritz'. No one, as far as I am aware, makes anything like that in 28mm. Well, if it doesn't exist, you have to invent it, as someone once said in a guinness advert. 

I began by taking a TAG Russian  chopping off his head and hood with clippers, then used a West Wind WW2 German helmet with canvas cover. The German helmet is similar in shape to a modern K-pot, and with the canvas cover are close enough to pass muster. I used Pro-create epoxy putty to make a back plate to their ballistic protection (which helped cover up where I had carved off the hood).
Hey presto...NA peace keepers!

The conversion was easy enough, and they were great to paint, so I think I might add some more, and perhaps make it up to a platoon strength force. I will also be adding some armour soon too.

Please forgive the dodgy photos. I am working on some new lighting techniques and its a bit trail and error. 

There are some Work In Progress shots here on Lead Adventure Forum. They give you an idea of what was involved. 

AU Troops in action


tim said...

They look pretty sweet!

Simon Quinton said...

Very good version of the guys in the photo, nice job Rob!

Michael Awdry said...

Very, very cool.

pulpcitizen said...

Excellent work as always, and very well executed conversions. Good stuff. :)