Monday, 7 July 2014

AtDE: Wrecked London Bus

Another bit of scenery for Across the Dead Earth- a London bus. This is a repainted die-cast I have had in my cupboard for a couple of years (I got it from the entertainer). It might be a tad under scale for 28mm, but I think it will work OK as a bit of scenery. I really enjoyed going overboard on the weathering and rust effects. 
The only other problem is that these sort of red buses are not really found in Birmingham ( or the Rag Market as it is known in AtDE) and I was really planning oln setting my games in and around Birmingham. However, saying that, the thing that makes AtDE stand out (for me at least) is that it is a post-apoc game set in Britain, and what could be more ironically British than a red bus?

Also kudos to Brummie for his outdoor photography techniques- it saved me having to get the scenery out of the attic. 

The inspiration for this piece came form several cool bits of post apoc art like this one...


tim said...

I see no problem with it.

This is some sort of post-apocalypse game, right? After the apocalypse all bets are off. If someone in London (where I'm pretty sure there are red double decker busses) wanted to get to Birmingham with a few (or fifty) of his closest surviving friends they could very easily highjack or hot-wire one of those red busses and drove it there (and then possibly abandoned it)! No ones going to say "hold up, we better not drive this thing into Birmingham - they have no red busses there!?"

Or maybe a lone survivor who, was a native of Birmingham, may have driven in there to get home when apocalyptic things went down while on a trip to London because it was the only running motor vehicle he could get get his hands one?

Simon Quinton said...

Looks fantastic mate! Whose not to say a bus wasn't commandeered to escape London and it broke down in Birmingham!

Its excellent well done on the weathering!

Smillie said...

Great work on the bus! You often see the old red buses in other citys pressed into service by the novelty wedding transport companies (and their like) so easy excuse to have one in brum!

Unknown said...

Lovely work dude.

pulpcitizen said...

Nicely done and a cool bit of scenery as a consequence.