Sunday 26 October 2014

Zomtober Week 4: Napoleonic Zombie Survivors and Undead Cowboys!

First up- for Regardez! Zombie! I have three more Napocalypse (do you see what I did there?) survivors- These three are cavalry men who have lost their horses- may be their mounts ran off at the smell of the undead, or else perished it the bitter winter. What ever happened these poor donkey-wallopers are now reduced to tramping through the snow like everyone else.

First up a Dragoon, sporting a musket as well as his cavalry sabre and pistol- A dragoon might do better that his other cavalry colleagues because at least he has been trained to fight on foot.

Next up, a very dashing Carabinier sporting a rakish brace of pistols- I love this one- very dynamic pose for a Perry Twins model. He certainly has a dash of the élan you would expect from a French cavalryman.

Here is my last cavalryman, for now. A hussar with a pistol and a sabre.  Hussars have a reputation for being dashing rakes with the skills to live off the land behind enemy lines- useful skills when surrounded by Les Morts Ambulants!

And on the Cowboys vs Zombies front I have finally finished all the ones I intended to do- these pair are from West Winds Victorian Zombies set. 

And here they are all together. In the further I might add a few more to this collection, may be some of the Warlord Games Zombie Indians, or a few of the Wargames Foundry zombie cowboys. On the whole I think the Red Box Games undead go quite well with the West Wind Games Victorian Zombies. 


pulpcitizen said...

Excellent additions to the Napocalypse (and kudos on the name for that!), as well as the Old West zeds. Great stuff mate. :)

PMMDJ said...

Those zeds are inspirational, and I love the two-gun Frenchman.

Stuart S said...

Great additions, proof in deed that Sed's go with every thing.

Michael Awdry said...

Wonderful additions on both counts; Napocalypse mad me chuckle - you need to copy write that.

Blaxkleric said...

The double-pistol firing Frenchman has made my day, but they're all good, and that's an impressive and terrifying horde shot you've got for your Western world. great posting.

Unknown said...

Love the old west stuff! Napocalypse should be patented.

Finch said...

A suitably napocalyptic conclusion to Zomtober. Good stuff.

Spiderweb of History said...

Very nice work sir!