Saturday 27 December 2014

Earlswood Wargamers Christmas 'All-Dayer'

It is the tradition at Christmas for the Earlswood Wargamers to have a big 'all-day' game Unfortunately, due to real-life commitments I was't able to attend, but I did pop down to take a few photos. This year there was a civil war theme and the games featured a game of 'To Defy A King', the English Civil War rules. They were recreating the battle of Edgehill. The other game was American Civil War on the stunning Gettysburg board built in meticulous detail and to 28mm scale by Alan. It really is a thing of beauty 

Alan's meticulously researched Gettysburg plan

ECW-Battle of Edgehill



Sidney Roundwood said...

Two tremendous games, there! I love the "L" shaped table for the Gettysberg game - thanks so much for adding the detail of the plan and the confederates' line of march. I always love added details like that! Brilliant!

Simon Quinton said...

Great looking games!

Unknown said...

Amazing looking tables dude!

Stuart S said...

Al sure know how to put on terrain that is a joy to fight over.