Saturday 18 July 2015

American War of Independence Battle Report

 Today was the Earlswood Wargamers 'All Day' game. We played American War of Independence, with Big Al's very fine figures and scenery. I felt very privileged to be able to game on such amazing looking terrain.  We used "Rebellion in the Colonies" as a rules. At first the rules look bewildering with tables to cross reference every time you fire, but in actual fact is was quick and easy to learn, and very slick to play. 

The game was between the arrogant British and their dastardly Hessian mercenaries against the brave American patriots (I was on the side of the Americans). The British force consisted of a Scottish Brigade (Bob), a British Brigade (Big Al), a Guard Brigade (understrength and held in reserve) and a Hessian Brigade (Spike). The Americans had three brigades because we decided before the battle started to break up our forth brigade (a militia brigade) and distribute its companies between the three other brigades to better bolster their poor morale. Vlad commanded the brigade on the left, by the woods, Little Al, our battalions general, took the centre ground, and I had the right flank, covering a corn field. The British objective was push the rebels aside and capture the road running along our side of the board. 

My Brigade set up deployed in depth with two lines of defence on either side of the corn field. the Scottish Brigade would have to fight its way across the fairly open ground to achieve it's objectives. 

The Scots appear, but the rebels are not about to give ground without a fight. 

On my flank the Scots skirmishers clash with the American light infantry over a bubbling brook. 

Further up stream the Hessians advance steadily towards Little Al's brigade. A company of American militia hold the farm house but Spike decided to ignore them and by-pass them with his main force, leaving a company of Jaeger to deal with them. 

Big Al's British brigade advance towards the woods, where Vlad's Americans wait anxiously

The first line of my Americans give a good account of themselves, thinning the ranks of Scots as they advance. The grim faced Scotsmen will not be deterred by a bit of musketry, and come one undaunted. 

In the woods Big Al's brigade get to grips with Vlad's beleaguered Americans. 

My first line of the Americans fall back before the advancing Scots, drawing them on to out carefully prepared defence lines. 

At the other end of the battlefield Big Al tries to bring the full weight of his numbers against Vlad's patriots, and things begin to look grim on both flanks. 

The Hessians press on hard against the American centre, and Little Al's line starts to buckle. 

 The Hessians take the American fire but nothing seems to stop their advance. 

Back in the farm house the Hessian Jagers are failing to dislodge the militia, and they Hessians are eventually driven off. 

Bob's Light Company make short work of my skirmishers and advance up the flank of my main force, obliging me to deploy my reserves to stop them. 

General Little Al begins to feel the pressure as the British push hard against our lines. 

The Scots advance across the corn field right onto our cannons and the waiting second line. The steady fire begins to take its toll are the Scots are whittled away. Yet still they advance. 

Vlad's militia manage to fend off a company of British line infantry, even when the continentals fall back in disarray. Their heroic efforts slows Big Al's advance to a crawl. 

Bob's light company, full of British arrogance, charge my reserve company of continentals, and are easily driven back

The Hessians break through Little Al's line, but are too badly mauled to exploit the advantage...

...until Spike deploys his reserve- two companies of Guardsmen- to open up the gap in Little Al's line.

The Scot's finally reach the second line of my defence, but in too little numbers to make much impact. When Bob fluffs a charge roll his companies are forced back by my Americans. The Scottish Brigadier has his horse shot out from underneath him. 

On the far side of the battlefield Vlad's heroic defence in the woods proves too much for Big Al's British brigade and they fall back in disarray. 

When the Scot's light company breaks and rout their injured brigadier can not stop his brigade from following them as both of the British flanks collapse at the same time. 

It was felt that the Scottish Brigades rout was the death note for the British attack. The Hessians were a spent force, and the Guard Brigade would have been overwhelmed by the reinforcements flooding in to the centre from both flanks if it did not withdraw to cover the general rout of the rest of the battalion. 

Overall a deadly day for the British and Hessians, and a triumphant day for the Americans. The decision to split the militia brigade amongst the other brigade was vindicated as they performed very well (much better than had been expected). Thanks to everybody for a great game, especially Big Al, who brought all the stuff, and Spike, who taught me the rules. 


Michael Awdry said...

What a stunning looking game!

tim said...

Yeah, that looks amazing!

Vladgothic said...

Great write up Rob, I would guess the British will be looking for payback in the not too distant, Alan was cut deep by the actions of my militia, and my none too shabby dice rolls :-)

Put my pics up if you fancy a look, and have linked across to your report.

Wargame News and Terrain Blog said...

Looking splendid! Thanks for sharing. Cheers!

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Spectacular looking game!