Friday, 9 October 2015

Battle of Ardennes 1944: Scenery

I thought I would inject a little life into my Ardennes terrain and I would begin with some 1940's style cars. These are repainted Lledo diecast cars bought on ebay for a couple of quid, with my patented plaster filler and white paint snow effect added. The bus has been abandoned for some time and has icicles and is covered with snow. The green van has been in a crash by some desperate refugee who lost control of the van on the ice and it crashed into a wall. 

In future I intend to add a few carts, sheds, wood piles etc, which all help the terrain look a bit more lived in. 


Jay said...

Very nicely modeled scene.

Rod said...

Very cool idea.

Simon Quinton said...

These look great. Nice work and very fitting.