Monday, 6 June 2016

Peninsular War: Bits of Scenery

Apologies for it being so long since my last post but I have been busy at work. In the mean time I have also been busy making some scenery for Sharp Practice and Frostgrave. Here are a few of the things I have been working on for the Peninsular war, although they many be useful for other Mediterranean or even Caribbean settings (Freebooters Fate perhaps?)

First up- A couple of road side shrines. These are fairly common in Catholic countries in Europe, including Spain. These two were made from Blue Foam, with the usual corrugated card roofs. I sculpted the statues of the Virgin Mary and the Madonna with child from greenstuff- I am not expecting any phone calls from Games Workshop sculpting team yet, but the result ins good enough to tell what it is meant to be (especially when painted)

Next up I made a lot of walls- A bit too much actually- I plan to sell some. These were fairly easy to make from Blue foam and corrugated card. I think you can tell what it is meant to be. 

And finally a tool shed for the farm house- I made the door for this one from balsa wood and I am rather pleased with the way it came out. 


Jay said...

Nice modeling, Rob.

Rod said...

All the scenery bits are really well done. You'll have some pretty sweet gaming table layouts.

Da Gobbo said...

I particularly like the shrines :-)

Mike C said...

I was looking at the Grand Manor shrines but what you have done is really effective. Might be giving this a go.

Phil said...

Very nice job!