Sunday 31 July 2016

Minihammer: Finished Prototype Farm House

 I was quite pleased with the outcome of my 15mm Warhammer style farm house - you may remember it as a Work In Progress model last week. I finished it with a paint job and a teddy-bear fur roof top, which I thought would be easier and quicker than doing a tiled roof (it was). As a prototype I am happy enough with this house. I think that it is a bit too big and a bit top heavy, but that will be easy enough to correct in later buildings. I would also love to make a few ruined houses too. 

At this stage comments and suggestions would be welcome. 


pulpcitizen said...

I think the top-heaviness suits the exaggerations of the WH Old World, so looks great to my eye. I would consider doing a few as tiled roofs as they just seem to suit the default of Empire buildings. :)

Great stuff. :)_

Simon Quinton said...

It looks good to me. In future versions perhaps use some matchsticks as supports on the corners.