Tuesday 31 October 2017

Zombtober 2017 Finale: 15MM Mordhiem Warband!

Happy Halloween folks. 

I hope you are having a ghoulishly good time. Yet again Zombtober has drawn to an end in a flurry of rotting flesh and undead gore. And what a zombtober it has been! It has been great to follow everyone's blogs and see how their zombie hordes (and survivors...lots of bloggers did survivors this year) have blossomed. The world of wargaming is now a considerably deadlier place. 
My humble efforts have seen me complete an undead warband for my 15mm Mordhelm project. Three zombies, four ghouls, three dregs, a necromancer and a vampire have all made it off my work bench. 

Today I have completed the Vampire Thrall who will be leading my warband. This is Ivan von Drak, an agent of the von Carstein family, whose business in the ruins of the cursed city of Mordheim is dark and mysterious. 

And here is Ivan von Drak with his warband (minus one zombie who is still waiting to have his base re-done after his little accident).


Simon Quinton said...

Ivan looks fab mate. Especially on such a small mini!

Phil Curran said...

I agree, a marvellous job.

Michael Awdry said...

Splendid work and lovely to see the warband together.

The Wargame Addict said...

You've done a cracking job on these - with nothing to give to scale away I'd never have known they were 15mm! :-)

pulpcitizen said...

Excellent job on the latest addition to the warband. The whole group looks ace. :)

Mike C said...

That warband looks brilliant.