Sunday 11 March 2018

Citizens of Rome

 For ages now I have wanted to do a 'Streets of Rome' game. I adore the HBO TV series 'Rome', which portrayed every day Romans as well as their aristocratic leaders. I also love 'Plebs', the comedy program, and even Frankie Howard in 'Up Pompeii'. Every time I watch one of these programs I think wouldn't it be great to have a model Rome in 28mm. I bought Songs of Shadows and  Dust ages ago and I think it looks like a great rules set for the game. What was putting me off was alack of suitable buildings but now Warbases and Sarissa Precision have both started making MDF buildings for Rome, it is starting to look doable. 

HBO Series Rome


Up Pompeii

I decided it was time to make my dream a reality and start work on some roman buildings and a few civilian and gang members. Here is the work so far. These buildings are from Warbases. 



tim said...

I love Song of Shadows and Dust.

I'll have to check out these buildings.

Mike C said...

Looking good so far.

Simon Quinton said...

Looks good so far Rob!

Vladgothic said...

Check out Gangs of Rome, the new offering from Footsore miniatures, that should tickle the fancy.

Fred said...

Up Pompeii is definitely a good angle to go for in gangs of Rome.