Friday 23 August 2019

Superhero Kickstarter: Supers Unlimited Miniatures

My old mate and long time gaming buddy Leon (AKA Pulp Citizen) has launched his own Kickstarter, in the guise of Kitbash Games, to hopefully produce his own range of 28mm four colour superheroes and villains. 

Leon is a lifelong comic book fan with an encyclopedic knowledge of supers-goings-on, and as well as a games developer. He was instrumental in running Pulp City's two VERY successful Kickstarter, so you can be assured the Kitbash Kickstarter will be professionally managed, and that the figures will be first class superhero goodness. 

Leon has pulled together a team of some of the best sculptures in the business and produced some fantastic original sculpts. I have been lucky enough to see some of the greens and CAD renders, and I can promise you they are lovely!

If you like comics, and like gaming, then you must check out the Supers Unlimited Kickstarter. Too good to miss. If you play Pulp City then you are in luck, as the Supers Unlimited figures come with Pulp City character cards so you can use the in you games too! Brilliant!

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