Tuesday 3 December 2019

Wargamer Show (West Midlands)

Sunday saw me going to the Wargamer show in Birmingham. It was the first year I went. I wasn't sure what to expect, but it was practically on my doorstep and so it would have been rude not to attend. 
It was a small affair, but with a good selection of retailers. Including Warlord, Ainsty, Mighty Lancer Games, Colonel Bills and Lasercut Architect. Unfortunately as it was so close to Christmas and Black Friday I was unable to spend as much as I would have liked (that said, I still spent over double my intended budget). 
The participation and display games were of a very high standard, and I managed to get a game of Gaslands in (my first game) which was really cool. I was gaming with two experienced players, and they talked me through the rules, which were surprisingly easy to pick up. 
The attendance did not seem to be that great, and the whole affair felt quite quiet. this could be because the event was at a new venue this year, or perhaps because it was so close to Christmas. Most of the retailers were complaining that business had been poor (but ten they always seem to be complaining about that at every show I have ever been to). On the plus side I got to browse the stores in relative peace compared to the crowds of Salute. 

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