Friday 12 June 2009

Azure is a deadly freelance assassin, who only works for the wealthiest crime bosses, rogue nation states, terrorist organisations and underhanded corporations (as these are the only clients who can afford her extortionate fees). That said, you get what you pay for- few of her targets have survived an assassination attempt by Azure, and those who have can be counted amongst the most powerful Supers on the planet.

This mini is another Mark Copplestone sculpt, Kindly donated to my lead pile by Leon. I think she makes a lovely Super Assassin.

I'm sorry, did I break your concentration? This is an unnamed street thug (and any resemblance to any characters in any films in purely coincidental).
Yet again this one is by Copplestone Castings, and is one of a handful of thugs I am working on for my Supers to beat up.

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