Thursday 18 June 2009

I went to Games Expo 2009 in Birmingham last week. It was lots of fun, and much bigger than I expected.
Leon and I spent a few hours wandering around the stores and chatting to some of the figure designers. I spend far more than I had budgeted for, but bought some cool things. Some of the minis I bought are destined for the Super Hero range, and will certainly make it onto the Blog at some point, while others are barbarians for my Conan-esque range, and others are Scifi.
We spoke to Mark Copplestone, of Copplestone Castings. His Kiss Kiss Bang Bang range of minis have some very nice evil genius minis that might well be added to my lead mountain at some point. Mark is currently working on a strange idea. He is making poster sized flood-plans for various locations, like an evil genius lair and an nuclear missile silo, primarily to use with his Kiss Kiss Bang Bang range, but which would obviously have a use in games like Superfigs and Pulp City, and may be even Heroclix. The production quality looked very high, so I will look forward to seeing the finished product.
Mark also hinted that he might be tempted to do some generic super figures, perhaps as a one off, and possibly in multiple parts, so they can be assembled in a number of ways.

Go on Mark, you big tease!

I also bought some resin stuff off a company called Ramshackle Games. They were cheep, but very cool.
I bought a BADGER armoured patrol vehicle for one of my Superheroes, and a few bits and bobs. Sadly they had sold out of the 'Boring Machine', because I would have loved one of those- very Evil Genius.

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