Tuesday 9 March 2010

Doctor Otto's insane experiments to create a supersoldier continue a pace. this is a photograph of his latest creation, another monstrous 'Fiend'. This one seems to feature advanced cranial cybernetics, presumably to overcome the the shortfalls of the earlier model. Smarter, but no less brutishly powerful. Is this the future of Doctor Otto's dreadful supersoldier program?
This figure was entered part of my Lead Painters League team of 'Supernatural Supervillains', but in actual fact I painted it to be part of Doctor Otto's growing army of failed experiments. It is a Monster from West Winds range of Gothic Horror, but I can no longer find it on their website, so I suspect it might be out of production. When manufacturing metal miniatures the molds can sometimes wear out, and the manufacturers have to decide if a range of figures are selling enough to make it worth while for them to make more molds. I imagine that was the case here, but I hope not, as I really like the cartoon feel to these minis.

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