Monday 8 March 2010

This is Gargoyle, a fiendishly evil creature said to haunt the rooftops and ruins of the older parts of the city, preying on the homeless and vulnerable. Many claim that it does not exist, that it is an urban myth or the product of minds clouded by cheap liquor and drugs. Others speculate that it is a mutant, or a vigilante trying to instill some righteous fear into the 'cowardly and superstitious' criminal underclass. To those who the Gargoyle chooses to feed on, however, it is a horror without equal.

I am delighted with the way this figure came out, although it was a bugger to photograph! It is actually a vampire, made by Heresy, but I chose to paint it for the Lead Painters League as a gargoyle, using Games Workshops Granite Foundation as a base colour to suggest it was stone. This was because I already had a vampire in the 'team' and I didn't really want things getting too samey.

On another note, let me extend a warm welcome to my two new followers, Lee and Slobberblood. I hope you like what you see. I will be posting more supervillains soon, so keep checking back.

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