Thursday 3 June 2010

I have been working on some more scenery for the Legends of the Old West town, Deadhorse. Added to the town are two new shops, the Eastern and Smyth Gun Makers, where cowboys and gunslingers alike are sure to want to come to purchase their custom made firearms, and for the fairer sex Miss Rosie has just opened up her Haberdashery and Dress making emporium, selling a wide selection of fashionable dresses, hats and even shoes.
I have also been painting up a few of the bits of resin scenery I purchased, in this case some piles of crates. Wooden crates like this are excellent, because they will work well in a wide range of settings, from Conan to Modern. These crates could be found in the docks of Hyboria, on the Deadhorse railroad station platform, on the quayside of war torn Liverpool, or in the warehouse patrolled by a certain caped crusader. A very versatile piece of scenery.

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