Friday 18 June 2010

Too long has passed since I have blogged, but I have been busy with work, writing, going to the Download festival, and painting an army for a Very British Civil War (more on that later). I thought it was about time I got on with posting some of what I have been up to.

This week Leon and I managed to link up for a few more games of the excellent Pulp City. For the uninitiated Pulp City is a 28mm skirmish game using superheroes and villains- very much my cup of tea. Leon, aka Pulp Citizen, is a Pulp City fanatic, who has some wonderful scenery, and has nearly the entire collection of Pulp City figures already painted in his cabinet. Needless to say, we used his figures and gaming board.

The first game was a relatively small affair. I took the villain team, comprising of Supreme Zed (a zombie supervillian), Sangine (a Vampire) and his evil chiwawa Draku, Mourne (a supernatural ghost-creature) and Francis Gaitor (a swamp dwelling half-man/half croc). I also took some minions, in this case a 'horde' of three zombies, and Stongarm, some sort of undead construct from the netherplane. Minions can be purchased like equipment, and are weak compared to the heroes, but can be useful if used tactically, or with good fortune on your side.
We were facing the hero Solar (sun powered superman type), Kitty Cheshire (and invisible teleporter), Ace of Wraiths (supernatural gunslinger) and Vector (a living computer program). They also brought a couple of vigilante sidekicks (minions).

The plot of the game was that a mysterious and evil artifact has been unearthed by grave-diggers in one of Pulp City's churchyards. Sangine has assembled a force of evil entities to try to capture it, while the heroic Solar and his team try to prevent them. In our game whoever has the artifact at the end of six turns is the winner. Simples.

In the first turn my two flyers, Supreme Zed and Mourne rushed forwards towards the artifact. Solar levitated over the church to try to prevent them removing it. Vector, only barley in this dimension at all, moves through the seemingly solid church as if it wasn't there. blasts are exchanged and Mourne is badly wounded. Gaitor tosses a postbox at Vector, damaging him quite badly.

In round two Mourne grabbed the artifact and made a dash for safety behind the wall of zombies, but Solar caught up with him and hammered him into the ground, incapacitating him with his blazing fists.

Francis Giator and Strongarm rush the already damaged Vector, and tear him apart. His body dissolves in a shower of pixels. Buoyed up by their success they races towards Ace of Wraiths, and injure him too. Then Gaitor finds out why it's a bad idea to make Ace of Wraiths angry, as he unleashes the 'Queen of Blood', and in a blaze of supernatural gun fire shoots Gaitor, and injures Strongarm. Then, being as slippery as an eel, manages to escape from combat and put some distance between himself and Strongarm. Meanwhile Supreme Zed sweeps down and captures the artifact before Solar can pick it up.

In round three Solar unleashes the power of the sun against Supreme Zed and Sangiune, but the villains prove quite durable. Zed blasts Solar with his Death ray, before moving off with the artifact, taking cover in the graveyard. Ace of Wraiths blast away at the Zombie horde. Three shots- three kills! That thinned out my side considerably. Strongarm continues to chase the slippery Ace, but can't pin him down.

Ace then blazed away as Supreme Zed, injuring him, but a long way of killing him. Zed regenerates the damage at the end of the turn. Sangine and his bloodthirsty pet chiwawa Draku tear into the injured Solar, and bring the hero down.

In turn four Sangine actives his blood lust, then he and Draku clash with the vigilantes, tearing them apart in short order, feasting wantonly on their blood. Ace of Wraiths tries to gun Sangine down, but Sanuine's reflexes are too finely tuned for the gunslinger, and he easily dodges the bullets. Draku launches himself at Ace but fails to damage him.

In turn five Draku savages Ace's leg. Ace released the supernatural power in his revolvers, injuring Strongarm and Sangine. Sangine retaliates by sinking his fangs into Ace, incapacitating the hero.

In turn six, all fired up, and with a taste for blood, Sangine charges Kitty Cheshire before she can turn invisible, and takes her down with a savage blow. With the hero's defeated, and Supreme Zed in possession of the Artifact the games is well an truly over.

Supreme Zed, Sangine, Draku and Strong arm make off with the evil artifact, dragging the unconscious body of Francis Gaitor with them. The day belongs to the villains.


pulpcitizen said...

I was well and truly outplayed in both games that day - thanks for blogging and reporting the first game (and my shame!), mate.

And for those not in the know, I think Draku may be a pug or bulldog rather than a Chihauha - but I only point that out in case a 'lil vampiric ankle-biter protests his description! :)

Rob Bresnen said...

Fair point. I am no expert on dogs, but I take your word for it.

It was a cool game. If you want to avoid being embarassed on in the blogosphere, then I surgest you beat me next time we play! Stir stir.