Thursday, 19 August 2010

It has been so long since I have posted anything, but fear not, I have not forgotten you, my loyal readers. The fact is I have been away for a couple of weeks, but during that time I have been prolifically painting.
Currently I am on a scenery theme, finishing off lots of half done projects, assembling lots of bits and bobs that I have been mail ordering over the last few months and generally making a lot of progress towards assembling enough bits of scenery that I can put together boards for VBCW and LotOW. So far I have painted lots of barrels, crates, cactus, fences, buildings and so forth, but rest assured, I have also been painting a figure or two.

Here is my finished Mexican Bandito gang, the Tequila Boys. This is the third posse I have completed for LotOW. I plan to do at least one more. This will ensure games don't become too samey, with two gangs just slugging it out time and time again. I was also inspired by the Xbox game Red Dead Redemption, which is partly set in a very lawless Mexico. Deadhorse (my fictional Old West town) is situated close enough to the Mexican border to suffer intermittent raids by these dastardly villains.

These figures are a mostly by Artizan Designs, but there are also figures by Reaper (from their Chronsocope range) and Black Scorpion. Both Reaper and Black Scorpion are very generous with their proportions (probably closer to 32 mm scale than Artizans usual 28mm scale) but I think that they work well enough together. This has been helped by the fact that I kept the pallet tight, just using a few colour, to give the posse a consistent look, without trying to make them too uniformed. I have done this with each of my gangs, to avoid any confusing on the battlefield, and I think that in this case it has worked very well.

You can also see a few of the bits and pieces of scenery I have been working on in the pictures. The cactus are from Pegasus Games, and the fence is some 1/35 scale picket fence my old mate Leon picked up from somewhere. The barrels are by TSS. The barrels were not very well molded, but look good enough on the battle fields to be worth using.

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