Wednesday 25 August 2010

The other day I was in town and I picked up a copy of Firefly , the sci-fi TV series that was shamefully axed after three episodes, and has gone on to become one of the most loved sci-fi series around. I am about halfway through the DVD box set so far, but feel all inspired to do sci-fi again. Added to this, Leon has purchased AE Bounty, a skirmish level wargame featuring space pirates and bounty hunters- sounds very cool. Don't be too surprised if you see one or two sci-fi figures creeping into the blog, further diluting the mix. Hopefully any sci-fi minis I pick will have sufficient cross over to be used in my supers campaign too: I am on the look out for some nice generic aliens and robots.
In the mean time here are some pictures of some of space ships I picked up at Salute 2010.
The first is a private yacht, the Swansong, chartered out of Alpha Centuri, where it's luxury fittings and high performance engines makes it a popular vessel for the well healed traveler or perhaps a lucky gambler. It's fitted with twin plasma engines and a single phaser accelerator. Small but perfectly formed.
The next is a bulk freighter, the MSS-C Longshanks, operating out of the Mars colony, shipping ore and produce in short hyper-hops. The huge vessel is fitted with two promethium grade plasma reactors, making it dependable for long haul deep space journeys, as well as shorter destinations. As a civilian freighter it is unarmed.
These are made by GZG (Ground Zero Games) for their Full Thrust game. I don't have Full Thrust, but couldn't resist these. The Swansong is tiny, only about a centimeter long. Longshanks is more impressive, coming it at a good 10cm.


Deserter said...

Very cool :) I purchased a few ships from GZG to compliment the BFG Imperials I have - did you pick up the not-Serenity? Also bought the ships from em4 a while ago (, cheap and interesting! And I also recently purchased AE Bounty (it's en route from Amazon) so I'll be paying close attention!

Desert Scribe said...

Nice paint jobs! Did you buy them painted or do the job yourself?

Rob Bresnen said...

Thanks for the comments- Desert scribe- I always paint my own minis- I can't see the point otherwise- I am glad you liked them. I hope to add more to them. I have the big GZG refinary ship, which I am just starting to assemble.