Thursday 27 January 2011

Predator Alien

Something is stalking the Superheros and villains alike. In the last few months a number of super powered individuals have been killed, their bodies having been found later, skinned, decapitated or otherwise mutilated. No one knows who, or what, is responsible for the killings. So far the only eye witness, a meths-addled tramp, has failed to throw any light onto the mystery: The only thing he could say was "The night came alive and took them!"

Predator aliens make a neat villain for a one off supers campaign. With their preference for hunting dangerous prey, what could be a more suitable victim than a gun touting cyborg or a 7 foot wall of living rock? The fact that they kill villains and heroes indiscriminately makes them a bit of a head-scratcher in a who-dun-it type adventure. Added to that the fact they are invisible, super strong and have cool high-tec gadgets too, any you have a ready made plot for a great evenings adventure.

I got this figure of Leon, who gave me a big bag of his hand-me-downs (thanks Leon). It's Copplestone Castings. It's also going to be useful for my scifi campaign, and for AE Bounty - I do like figures that are multi-functional.


Deserter said...

Nice work - I do like the Copplestone range :) I also love multi-functional miniatures!

Bartender said...

Yay! A Copplrestone fan like me!

Sky said...