Tuesday 11 January 2011

Two More Battle Cars to Welcome in the New Year.

The first post of the New Year features a little project my son Charlie and I have been working on over the Christmas break, namely a couple more Mad Max style battle cars. Yet again Charlie, being a brutal, no nonsense type of guy, has opted for an army green people-carrier sporting a blood splattered ram (form running over post-apocalypse zombies), a belt-fed auto cannon strapped to the side, and a roof mounted heavy bolt gun. I opted for a more subtle sports car, fitted with a tank of nitro and two military grade pulse lasers on the front, hoping that speed and cunning will win out over brute force.

Yet again I am very proud of Charlie, because the painting on his car is with out doubt first class. He seems to have embraced this slightly bonkers topic with great enthusiasm. He is already pestering me to make some more.

If you like this, I will be posting our first battle report soon. We will be using the Axles and Alloys system available free of the net.

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skywatcher said...

Very nice looking mini cars! Here are some I did up recently for some inspiration.

Click to view my cars