Sunday 15 May 2011

Argh! Zombies!

Reports are just in of a new outbreak of what experts have named the 'Z-Contagion'. It seems that police were called to an incident in a kebab shop is Sparkbrooke, Birmingham, when one of the customers reportedly 'went bazerk' and started biting other customers. The Z-Contagion soon spread, affecting another four customers before armed police could 'contain' the outbreak. Experts from the Department of Health and the Ministry for Zombies have been on scene, and say it is too early to attribute the Z-Contagion outbreak to a 'dodgy kebab'.
These rotten fellows are another Lead Painters League entry. I got them of Leon, who was chucking out some old lead. They are by Copplestone castings, and like all Mark Copplestone stuff, was a pleasure to paint. I have now got a hoard of 15 zeds, if I include those Christmas themed ones form studio miniatures I painted for Christmas Madness 2010. I plan on using them in my supers campaign, but also for a proposed zombie invasion Pulp City game, as some paint in the future- expect to see more zombies in 2011.

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pulpcitizen said...

Roll on the zombie invasion!