Friday 20 May 2011

Rooftop Rumble for Pulp City

Skyline Looking Cool

Leon and I fought another Pulp City game yesterday- but one with a bit of a difference. We styled this one a Rooftop Rumble, as all of the action took place on the tops of the high-raised buildings in Pulp City. All the heroes and villains had to swing, jump or fly from on rooftop to the next. The big clock tower in the middle effectively limited lines of sight, to make the game a bit more strategic.

I was on the side of Justice two of the big hitters in Pulp City's hero community, taking the newly reworked Solar, the brilliant Dr Mercury. I also took the two rooftop vigilantes, Jade Hawk and Skyline (Obvious choices, given the terrain we would be fighting over).

To counter my force, Leon opted for Supreme Zed (a zombie supervillain!), The Avatar of The Jaguar, and his side kick, Stalker, and then, for a bit of long range poke, The Gentleman.

We both opted to take a reporter covering the story. I took Jane Summer, from Channel 4 News, while Leon opted for Channel 1's notorious glory hound Lance Waverly.

Now, unfortunately most of the pictures came out bad, so You will have to use your imagination a bit.

The Good Guys started out with an aggressive move from Solar, who flew across to the Villains building, ready to perform some serious beat down on Supreme Zed. Unfortunatly, Supreme Zed charged him and pummeled him out of the sky. Before he could recover The Gentleman took him out with a shot right between the eyes. This was a bit of a shock result, given how tough Solar is, and threw my battle plan into chaos.

Stalker and The Avatar of the Jaguar advanced across the rooftops on the opposite side of the board, and as soon as Avatar came in range he was pounced on by Jade Hawk and Skyline.

Normally the two level one heroes wouldn't have been a match for The Avatar and Stalker, but up on the rooftops Jade Hawk and Skyline are in their element, and they managed to take both villains out. Jade Hawk was badly wounded in the attack, but survived.

Elsewhere The Gentleman and Supreme Zed overpowered Dr Mercury, leaving Supreme Zed free to race across to the Hero's building, where he attacked Jane Summers, the reporter. She was no match for his brutal attack.

Skyline took out Lance Waverly, but not before the reporter could bag some impressive footage of the roof top vigilantes in action. Skyline then tried and failed to take out Gentleman, who had remained in the Villains building, and so the game ended with a very close result: Villains won by 1 Agenda Point because of Lance's film!


AlFront said...

What cracking photos! Everything is spot on. But, I will resist! I just can't take on another 'period'!

pulpcitizen said...

Don't resist AlFront!

80's super-heroics is where its at!