Thursday 2 June 2011

Britain's Latest Hero

Red Coat is Britain's newest, and coolest, super-patriot hero. the Birmingham based superhero has been causing quite a storm in the media since his sensational appearance dealing with an outbreak of the Zombie Contagion near the law courts. Red Coat claims to have undergone a super-soldier program on behalf of the British army, but official sources in the government and army have so far remained tight-lipped out the validity of his claims.
The gun Read Coat is wielding is a Type IV Stunner made by The Hay-Don Corporation and is carried under a special licence issued by West Midland's Police. Red Coat claims his sword, a ninetieths century cavalry saber, is the reincarnation of Excalibur, and than he has been entrusted with it until King Arthur returns. While most dismiss this bold claim as fantasy, or at best grand-standing for the press, it has been noted that members of the countries super-natural community have been seen to show Red Coat unusual deference.

This figure is Sovereign, made by Pulp City, only with the addition of some dreadlocks in green stuff. I am not 100% pleased with the paint job, but to be honest paining in Red, white and blue are my least favorite paints to use.

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