Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Junia Verano- News Reporter

Junia Verano is a much respected Cuban-American freelance reporter. She has traveled the world reporting from danger spots around and war zones. She is particular interested in Superhumans, and their roles in society, something which often gets her into trouble. She famously tried to get an interview with Dr Apocalypse and had to be rescued from the Supervillain's death-trap by Monarch.

This miniature is a Pulp City model- June Summers. She is cast in resin- not a material I normally buy (see my comments on Finecast), but I won thin miniature in a writing competition hosted by Pulp Citizen, and judged by the Pulp City Forum. I finally got round to painting her.

I am not too happy with the trousers, which look too shiny, but I am pleased with how the Hispanic skin tone and the tee-shirt came out.


pulpcitizen said...

Hey, credit where it is due: that wasn't a Pulp City Forum competition; these judges were from the Forum, but the contest was through my 'umble little blog.. Grrr.


Rob Bresnen said...

It was a long time ago. well now that is settled, what do you think about my Figure?

pulpcitizen said...

Nicely done; hopefully we can see her in a Pulp City game soon...?

Smillie said...

nice work, I like the detail on her tshirt.